— Scholar 2023 —

Marika Dalley Snider


Sujet de recherche

Curating Paris’s Layers through Historic Preservation.

Marika is an architect, educator, and storyteller who celebrates the small, the forgotten, and the under-appreciated architecture and its associated people through film and visualization, writing, and historic preservation.

Marika’s architectural practice spans a wide variety of small and medium-sized project types but her passion is history and historic preservation. Museum-quality restorations to state owned historic sites such as the home of former U.S. President Warren G Harding and investigative fieldwork on Harriet Beecher Stowe’s House are some of her proudest work. She is equally proud of her work on historic storefronts and supporting preservation in small towns in Ohio, Utah, and Tennessee.

Marika teaches undergraduate and graduate comprehensive studios and the history of architecture series at the University of Memphis. Her research focuses on virtual and augmented reality for interpretation of historic African-American neighborhoods.

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