Les amis du RMHPrize


In 2016, Michèle le Menestrel Ullrich, founder of the Richard Morris Hunt Prize, founded the Amis du Richard Morris Hunt Prize, a French nonprofit organization. Ms. Ullrich has chaired the association since its creation. 

The association was created to:
• Provide all necessary support to the founders of the Richard Morris Hunt Prize, the FHS and the AAF in France outside of the prize itself
• Increase awareness of and boost the recognition of the prize, especially among professionals, and organize related events
• Attract financial (donations, sponsorships), material or moral support for the Richard Morris Hunt Prize in either France or abroad

The Amis du Richard Morris Hunt Prize currently receives support from the Ministry of Culture, the Culture and Education Office of the US Embassy in France, the École de Chaillot, the Center of National Monuments, the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais and the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville. 

The association also organizes talks, tours and trips related to cultural heritage and architecture for its members. 


When you become a member of the Amis du Richard Morris Hunt Prize, you’re showing your passion for cultural heritage and a forward-looking vision. Best of all, you’ll be supporting our prize-winning architects. Your contributions and donations fund their research trips. 

Being a member gives you an opportunity to form special relationships with experienced young architects and meet and exchange with a community of preservation architects, historians, clients, entrepreneurs, and journalists.  You’ll share common interests and cultural ties with the United States, and  you’ll always be in the know about the latest news in architecture, research related to architecture, landscape design, and cultural heritage with both French and American perspectives. 

You can also support awardees by building personal and professional relationships with them during their trips.


—   Michèle le Menestrel Ullrich

—   Philippe Belaval
Conseiller Culture à l’Elysée, Vice-President

—  Beatrix Saule
Historienne de l'art, Conservateur Général du Patrimoine, Directeur Versailles h., Vice-President

—   Gaël Saint Olive
Lawyer, Secretary

—   Jean-Francois Delmas
Accountant, Treasurer

Members of the Board

—   Florence Jeanjean
Program Director of the Richard Morris Hunt Prize

—   Barbara Lambec
Architect, RMHP 2019 Scholar

—   Simon Petot-Bottin
Architect, RMHP 2019 Fellow